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Revised: October 24, 2012

What Are Foam Fingers?

A foam finger (also known as a foam hand) is a promotional item, often employed as sports paraphernalia to show support for the favoured team.

Commonly, foam fingers resemble massive hands with extended index fingers. Various slogans can usually be found printed on the foam hands.

Other variations on the classic foam finger design are available, such as:

Foam fingers designed to resemble the appendage of the team mascot rather than a human hand. This can be a talon, claw, hoof, etc.

Thumb, index finger and little finger extended in the sign of love.
Hand closed in a fist.
“Thumbs-up” sign.

The simplicity of the foam hand design means that the potential for customized variations are almost limitless.

History Of Foam Fingers

The idea for foam fingers was first happened upon in 1978 by Geral Fauss, a high school teacher in the USA.

Fauss first came up with the idea while attending a sporting event at his school, seeing the way in which the students expressed their support for their team.

I saw the students in the stands holding up an index finger,
and shouting ’_we’re_ number 1’ at the playoff games.”

That simple observation birthed the idea of the foam fingers, Fauss wanted to help raise money for the high school as well as giving the students a way to show their support as visibly as possible.

The design of the original foam finger has, naturally, evolved over the years into a number of interesting shapes and sizes, all aimed at reflecting the supporters’ loyalty to their team.

From that one small idea came one of the most recognisable and popular forms of sport support in the world.

Multiple Uses Of Foam Fingers

The use of foam fingers needn’t be limited to sporting events. Such is the beauty of the same human imagination that gave rise to foam fingers that it can be turned to the application of foam fingers.

Some uses for foam fingers, as well as occasions for which they are well-suited, are:

  • Special Occasions: Foam fingers can find a place at 21st birthdays, Christmas parties, office parties, and even weddings. With the right message printed on it a foam finger could be welcome at almost any special event.
  • Sporting Event: Whether a high school rugby game, a regional or national sporting event, or even an event on the scale of Wimbledon, foam fingers have, for decades, been popularly used to express support for a particular team or athlete.
  • Music Concerts: If you can use foam fingers to show your support for your favourite sports team, why not do the same for your favourite rock band or pop singer? Custom-printed foam fingers can be manufactured with literally any message you might wish to convey.

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